About Us

With 60 years in business, we’re proud to be one of Canada’s most respected and largest floral distributors and to be known as the fresh flower experts. 

In case the difficult spelling of our company name didn’t give it away, we’re proudly of Dutch heritage. This means that fresh flowers and the floral industry are in our DNA. 

As a third generation family business we are proud of our family’s past accomplishments. 

The Staalduinen business started with our great grandparents growing flowers and learning how to produce the freshest flowers with the best colour.

This farming background gives us more than just family folklore. It’s this firsthand knowledge that gives us the ability to connect with and respect flower farmers around the corner from us and around the world.  

In the 1950's, our grandparents saw the opportunity to expand the business by moving from grower to buyer/distributor and we moved the company in that direction.

The first order of business in moving from farmer to distributor was forging relationships with quality growers around the globe. It was hard work but our grandparents created a network of the best flower growers in the world including farmers a few kilometers from our head office to farmers thousands of kilometers around the world. The network of trusted flower growers they built is still the backbone we rely on today. 

With 60+ years of experience we’ve seen many challenges and opportunities but our dedication to the success of our clients has never wavered. 

Our client’s success is what drives us to excellence - in sourcing, ordering, shipping, service and in the quality of the many conversations we have with flower shop owners and special events professionals everyday. We are here to serve you. 

With a fleet of our own temperature controlled trucks, we’re able to deliver on our promise of only bringing “Staalduinen fresh” to your door. Our great grandparents would be amazed and proud to see the modern fleet of trucks lined outside our 20,000 foot warehouse and head office in Stoney Creek, Ontario. 

Our team is built around fresh flower experts including buyers, account managers and flower fulfillment professionals. There is not a member of our team who doesn’t live and breathe the flower business and it’s that dedication and depth of understanding that’s been a hallmark of  Staalduinen since our humble beginnings.

Today, our family business includes the great grandchildren of our founders. We are proud to be big enough to serve but small enough to care deeply about each client we have. It may sound cliche, but there is no better, or heartfelt way to say it. 

Staalduinen Floral is a leading floral distributor but we remain at our heart, a small family business. We remain grateful for your continued trust and our promise to you is to earn it everyday.