The team

Our team is here to serve you

When your employer is a company with Dutch roots and 60+ years of experience you have to bring your A game to every task and every client.

And that’s exactly what each member of Staalduinen Floral brings. You’ll find only A game professionals on our teams including on our: 

Sales Team
Our sales team offers a wide range of floral experience and knowledge. And best of all? They love sharing that knowledge with clients. This means helping with ordering and sourcing unique or special orders but more importantly it means giving advice and proven insights to clients who ask for help in growing their business. When you choose Staalduinen as your floral wholesale supplier, you get an Account Manager who is more than happy to offer any and all the help you need to take your business to the next level.

Floral Team
There’s a common saying at Staalduinen and it’s that there is no pickier customer than our own in-house team of floral experts!  This relentless focus on excellence starts with our farmers - we work only with reliable, proven growers in Ontario and around the globe. And our focus on excellence continues to the warehouse where  our individual stem pickers ensure every stem we ship meets our “Staalduinen Fresh” standard.

Courtesy Team
When a temperature controlled Staalduinen truck arrives at your shop or office door you are guaranteed of two things: Staalduinen fresh flowers and a driver who has taken special care to make sure your order is delivered in excellent condition. We’re proud of our drivers and the professional, caring way they complete the last few miles of our flower’s often worldwide journey. 

Office Team

Call the Staalduinen offices and you’ll always be greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable person who’s happy to hear from you and ready to give you client-first service. This means your call is answered promptly, your questions are directed to the right person and your day will be a little bit brighter from the interaction. It’s this genuine friendliness and attention to detail that built Staalduinen into the success it is and it’s this same attitude we bring to every call.